Weekend Plans + Sunday Sewing

July 18, 2014


July feels like a whirl of birthdays. First mine, then both my parents (spaced only a few days apart) and a few good friends sprinkled through out the month. This means a lot of cake… but I am not sad about that at all! My plans for this weekend involve more birthday fun, some cupcake baking (I am think lemon blueberry sounds very summery, no?) and some sewing. Maybe an apron like this?

Last month I decided I needed a little me time in the week, time that didn’t include shop orders, chores or work for design clients. So I started Sunday Sewing! Which I love that I put that in all caps, as if I founded some kind of group, but really its just me, Pandora and my sewing machine locked in my downstairs office for an hour or two each week. So far I have made a doll & swifter pads so not the most glam projects but maybe as my skills grow I will even post some here. Maybe.

Where Oh Where

July 1, 2014


…have I been right? It has been a little over three months since I have posted! In the spring I hit a wall and decided to take a break and focus on getting our house in order. I don’t know how but being home with a toddler somehow makes every little mess multiply at a much faster rate than normal…and cheerios seem to be everywhere. So once I picked up the cheerios my family started to fall apart a bit.

Saying good bye to loved ones is always hard and I am the kind of person that sort of turns inward for that stuff and then in June I sort of fell apart. I found out I had skin cancer and no matter how many people you know of or read about, when it happens to you cancer is scary. No matter how small or big or what percentage of people are cured or whatever people try to tell you matters, because it is YOU and it is scary.

Luckily I have good doctors and they helped me catch my cancer before it spread so after a bit of surgery and lots of stitches I get to be cancer free for my 30th birthday! I am pretty happy about that. But it is also a bit hard. Stuff like that can really shake up your perspective and priorities. So here I am kind of feeling my way back to writing here, to designing, to my etsy business.

So I guess to sum up this post: Hi, sorry I was gone. Bad stuff happened & now I am back. Changes ahead.

29 Patterns: No. 4 Rocking Dalas

March 12, 2014


Wow has the last week been busy & crazy! I am finally digging out of my mess/to do piles & designing patterns again! Little one has been cutting her last teeth, which is awesome and awful at the same time. Awesome that we are in the home stretch of teething and awful because giant molars ripping through a little toddlers gums = super grumpy kid. Oh well! The sun is shinning today and I am posting this from a cozy red adirondack chair in my backyard so life is good (during nap time at least)!


After designing a logo for the little one’s preschool I was left with some extra rocking horses (I drew out lots of cute little horses before I settled on a final) that had no home & no purpose so I am turning them into patterns! If you like these sweet little dala rocking horses I put them on my society six page & you can have them adorn your cell phone cover, pillows, clocks, even shower curtains!

Quick Craft: Donut Crayon DIY

March 5, 2014

donut (2 of 3)

This project is another one so easy it almost doesn’t need instructions. This is the last projects I made for my little one’s breakfast themed birthday party, we used them as the party favors for her friends. I found the idea on Apartment Therapy & followed the instructions from the Corner Blog.


Donut Crayon DIY

  1. Strip the paper off your old crayons. This is the part that took some time. Tip: score your wrappers with an x-acto knife where the wrapper folds over itself and the wrapper will peel off in one piece (9% of the time).
  2. Sort your crayons into color groups.
  3. Preheat your oven to 250 degrees
  4. Break/chop up your crayons into little pieces.
  5. Arrange the crayon bits in your donut pans
  6. Bake for 13 minutes until the tops are smooth
  7. Cool on a baking rack for 15 minutes
  8. Cool in the freezer for 5 minutes & pop your finished crayons out of the pan.

donut crayon DIY

My favorite parts of this project were chopping up the crayons & finally using up a big pile of crayons that have been sitting in my craft bins since high school…so awhile!

Calligraphy Practice

March 4, 2014


Remember when I said I wanted to do calligraphy practice for an hour each day ? No? That’s okay I forgot last week too & only practiced for an hour in the whole week. I have to say though, that I am already seeing improvement so maybe this week I will crack down and get back to practicing my calligraphy.

Updated: My 30 Before 30 List

March 3, 2014

It feels like it was just a few months ago that I was turning 29 & making a list of 30 things I wanted to do before I turned 30 (aka my 30 before 30 list). Now here I am just 4 months away!  I looked over my list, something I hadn’t done since Fall, and gave it an update. That is the great thing about setting goals, you make the rules! You can (and should) ditch goals when you outgrow them or they just don’t jive with you anymore. Here is my updated list (with 8 down & 22 to go!):

  • Back a kick starter project DONE…I backed food huggers and I love them!
  • Take a nap outside DONE
  • Design 29 patterns IN PROGRESS …but I need to start hustling to get more done (patterns here)
  • Go to a theater & see a movie DONE…The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Illustrate my own children’s book (& make a copy for our lil’ one)


  • Paint a portrait of our lil’ one
  • Finish our family photo album for 2013 DONE
  • And then fInish the darn photo album for 2012 DONE
  • Experience one day where the WHOLE house feels clean
  • Park my car in the garage DONE


  • Put a piece of gum on the pike place gum wall
  • Go on a mini getaway with the hubby
  • Dress ‘pretty’ for one whole week
  • Reupholster a chairtoddler rocking chair reupholstery = challenging but DONE!
  • Learn 5 new/awesome kids songs to sing with the little one DONE…thanks to our cooperative preschool that involves a lot of singing!


  • Get rid of 300 things from my home DONE…and then some! We cleaned like crazy and have donated, sold & recycled probably three times my goal if not more
  • Do a New Year’s Polar Bear Plunge DONE… (details here)
  • Visit a lighthouse DONE
  • Read Little Women (again) DONE… twice
  • Spray paint something DONE… I painted a thrift store cradle for the little one


  • Start a line a day journal DONE…but remembering to write everyday, not so much
  • Swim in 10 new places (pools, lakes, oceans, etc.) IN PROGRESS…over half way there!
  • Take a self-portrait (that I like)
  • Have a Disney movie marathon of some kind DONE
  • Sew a sleep mask for myself DONE


  • Sew a doll for my little one
  • Fix up my craft/office space DONE…I finished yesterday officially but I did a sneak peak here
  • Successfully alter a pair of jeans DONE…who knew making flares to skinny jeans was so easy!?
  • Sew myself an apron
  • Update my resume/portfolio

Free March Desktop Wallpaper

February 28, 2014


Happy last day of February! I decided to get a jump start on next month and get my free March desktop wallpaper done early! Yup, a whole day early! With March comes Spring and I couldn’t be more excited! The weather the last few days has felt like a little preview of Spring here in Seattle. With all of the playing outside & early gardening I was feeling like florals were in order for my new desktop design.


I took my inspiration from vintage floral bed sheets that I have been hunting down for upcoming Spring & Summer projects. As always I am sharing my desktop for free (yay!) for any and all personal use. You can click here, or the photo above, to download the desktop for free. I hope this free March desktop wallpaper brings a little touch of Spring to your computer work!

Scrap Fabric Garland Tutorial

February 27, 2014


I love any project that helps lighten my scrap fabric box. So this DIY scrap fabric garland made me especially happy! I made it as a decoration for my little one’s recent birthday but it also makes wonderful nursery decor. After the party was over I hung it above her dresser & now it is adding a fun splash of color to her previously blank wall. I was inspired by this garland, but I changed up the length & density of fabric a bit. I made my own scrap fabric garland tutorial below if you want to make your own like mine.

Scrap Fabric Garland Tutorial


  1. Measure a length of sturdy ribbon.
  2. Tie loops on each end of the ribbon.
  3. Cut your fabric into 3″ strips of varying lengths between 14″ & 18″.
  4. Fold your fabric strips in half (so they are now 3″ x 9″).
  5. Cut your fringe on each fabric strip by cutting from the bottom (where the fabric is open) & stopping an inch or two from the top (where the fabric is folded)
  6. Place your fabric behind the ribbon you cut earlier. Make a loop with the top of your fabric strip and pull the two fringe sides through it keeping your ribbon in the middle.
  7. Repeat until you have a long, awesome fabric garland.


I tried both having my ribbon on the ground and hanging up while I tied on the fabric. Having it hanging was easier while I worked so you might want to start that way too. I hope you have fun making some adorable decor using my scrap fabric garland tutorial! If you have any questions leave a comment or a link to your own scrap fabric garland if you make one.