Friday At Last

March 27, 2015

uw cherry blossoms on clever thursday

Today (and this week really) has been a bit long. I am excited for the weekend. Excited to be away from the things that weekdays seem to bring. A few weekends ago my little family and I took a jaunt over to the University of Washington to see all of the lovely cherry blossoms. I miss walking to class through the quad in the Spring and sketching outside in a carefree way (i.e. no small children stealing your pencils and erasers). But I wouldn’t trade now for then even if I could. Isn’t that how it always is? You love the places you have been but you always know you can’t REALLY go back?

A few things from the week that caught my eye to enjoy this weekend…

Purple Umbrella Fabric = Plumbrellas!

October 10, 2014

plumbrella - a purple umbrella fabric by karisa marley on spoonflower

Purple umbrella fabric, who knew it could make me so happy!? I am finally getting into my productive Autumn groove. Preschool is under way, summer plans have given way to crisp fall days with leisurely activities & I am happily sketching and drawing away!

I created my plumbrella design for this week’s spoonflower contest. I actually reworked an old drawing of an umbrella that I had created for a baby shower (way back in the day) and gave it new life with patterns and rain boots to match. Making it purple seemed like a good choice since I see enough grey/blue days here in Seattle.

If you are a fan of my perky purple umbrella fabric then click here and add your vote on spoonflower!

Shop Updates – Clever Thursday Fall 2014

September 11, 2014

return address rubber stamp  by clever thursday on etsy

Life has been hectic as Fall approaches, but while the weather was still sunny last month I made the time to update Clever Thursday on Etsy with some fresh product photos, yay! This may seem like a quick/easy change BUT I of course had to get all crazy and try a ton of new layouts (most of which I nixed in the editing stage) & I built a light box for better product detail shots (more on that later).

return address rubber stamp  by clever thursday on etsy

I feel like all the work was worth it though. I mean look at that wonderful photo of my wood handle stamps, I don’t think they have ever looked so fabulous!

custom state rubber stamp by clever thursday on Etsy

If you haven’t had a chance to look at the new photos (and new products…like that custom state love stamp) be sure to click over to my shop and enjoy the pretty floral notebooks, colorful envelopes & shiny wooden stamps!

return address rubber stamp by clever thursday on etsy

Summer Days

August 26, 2014

summer mermaid \ clever thursday

Today I was splashing at the beach with the little one and I realized that Summer will soon be over and to be honest I almost felt like it hadn’t really begun yet. One thing is for certain my usually summer blogging lull definitely happened! I drew this little mermaid months ago but she never made it to the book she was intended for. But I thought she needed a home, so now she can sit on the blog as my representation of the almost/not quite summer that I am having.

Vintage Fishing Lure Fabric

August 8, 2014

intage fishing lure fabric by karisa marley for clever thursday sold on spoonflower

Who knew that vintage fishing lure fabric could be so fun? At first I wasn’t into the spoonflower weekly contests theme of fishing lures but then I chatted with my hubs (the only person I know that really truly fishes) and I designed this cheery little vintage fishing lure fabric! You can purchase the fabric in my spoonflower shop (which I am slowly filling and updating to be fabulous).

The upcoming contests themes look pretty fun (hiking, neighborhoods, etc.) so hopefully I will make some time to crank out more designs… I am all about practice practice practice! Maybe I will even post them here a little sooner than a month after the contest… better late than never though, right?

A New Challenge: Spoonflower 30 Days of Drawing

August 4, 2014

cacti on clever thursday

Oh i am a sucker for a good group challenge…take a 100 photos? Sure! Make a summer bucket list? Oh Yeah! So of course when I saw on the Spoonflower blog that they were launching a 30 day drawing challenge I was pumped! I have been trying to make more time for surface design lately, I even have a fun tennis themed fabric in this weeks fabric contest so I am really excited to do some more drawing / sketching / doodling to get more inspired and make some more fun patterns! I will be sure to post my doodles here as well this month, but if you like drawing you should go here and sign up for the challenge too!

PS Today’s prompt was cactus… and somehow I managed to make some drawings in my travel sketchbook while my little one played outside in her little pool, it was a toddler mom miracle!

Weekend Plans + Sunday Sewing

July 18, 2014


July feels like a whirl of birthdays. First mine, then both my parents (spaced only a few days apart) and a few good friends sprinkled through out the month. This means a lot of cake… but I am not sad about that at all! My plans for this weekend involve more birthday fun, some cupcake baking (I am think lemon blueberry sounds very summery, no?) and some sewing. Maybe an apron like this?

Last month I decided I needed a little me time in the week, time that didn’t include shop orders, chores or work for design clients. So I started Sunday Sewing! Which I love that I put that in all caps, as if I founded some kind of group, but really its just me, Pandora and my sewing machine locked in my downstairs office for an hour or two each week. So far I have made a doll & swifter pads so not the most glam projects but maybe as my skills grow I will even post some here. Maybe.

Where Oh Where

July 1, 2014


…have I been right? It has been a little over three months since I have posted! In the spring I hit a wall and decided to take a break and focus on getting our house in order. I don’t know how but being home with a toddler somehow makes every little mess multiply at a much faster rate than normal…and cheerios seem to be everywhere. So once I picked up the cheerios my family started to fall apart a bit.

Saying good bye to loved ones is always hard and I am the kind of person that sort of turns inward for that stuff and then in June I sort of fell apart. I found out I had skin cancer and no matter how many people you know of or read about, when it happens to you cancer is scary. No matter how small or big or what percentage of people are cured or whatever people try to tell you matters, because it is YOU and it is scary.

Luckily I have good doctors and they helped me catch my cancer before it spread so after a bit of surgery and lots of stitches I get to be cancer free for my 30th birthday! I am pretty happy about that. But it is also a bit hard. Stuff like that can really shake up your perspective and priorities. So here I am kind of feeling my way back to writing here, to designing, to my etsy business.

So I guess to sum up this post: Hi, sorry I was gone. Bad stuff happened & now I am back. Changes ahead.