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DIY Glitter Fruit | Pinterest Pile Up Project No. 8

December 4, 2012

DIY glitter fruit for the holidays by clever thursday

Yup the holidays are OFFICIALLY here because glitter is being rocked! Although I have to admit, I LOVE glitter year round…in a “crafty way” not in a “I dress like a twelve-year-old with glitter shoes way” …just to be clear. Okay back to the sparkly holiday fruit decor DIY goodness…

One day while browsing pinterest I saw this pin and fell in love. So forever ago when I was hunting around at goodwill I bought a bag of funky plastic food (meant for a child’s play kitchen) for about 50 cents and then let it sit for while…because I am lazy wanted my plastic fruit to be ripe. Kidding, but really since this project is so fun/easy I should have done it WAY sooner here is the step by step…



1. Grab your supplies…plastic fruit, glitter, modge podge, an old brush, plastic spoon/paper bowl (makes clean up way easier)

2. Mix one part modge podge with two parts glitter (tip less is more since you want just enough for your first coat)

3. Paint your mixture onto your fruit. Yes it will look like a white gluey hot mess (see above photo), this is okay… it will dry clear and you will be left with fabulous glitter goodness.

4. Let it dry…really let it dry, don’t poke it…this will take 20 or so minutes

5. Repeat steps 2 – 4 and apply a second & third coat as needed (I had chunky glitter so two was good, but if you are using fancy fine glitter like say Martha Stewart’s then three might be better).

And now you can take your fruit and hang it on your tree, plop it in a fabulous bowl/vase and start your holiday decorating with some sparkle!

Sunsets, Candy Colored Seats, My Thanksgiving

November 28, 2012


Oh the holidays…they have a way of making two weeks feel like just two days! While I was away from the blog the hubby & I braved the airport and flew to California to celebrate Thanksgiving with lots of family, a little sunshine, fabulous sunset views and a visit to a retro hot dog joint.

Just before we left I did finish what should have been yesterdays Pinterest pile up project but laundry & errands (so exciting!) kept me so busy that the sun had set before I even thought to snap a photo…so just imagine a fuzzy white faux fur ottoman in your heads and we will start fresh next week with a new project… with a real photo and everything!

Hopefully you all had a nice Thanksgving filled with lots of fun and family as well!

Holiday Traditions | Pinterest Pile Up Project No.7

November 13, 2012

holiday sleigh

holiday sleigh

When I was setting resolutions last year I made a fun Pinterest board called Ring in 2012, since I am such a visual person I needed visual resolutions (since my usual lists just were’t cutting it). This weekend for my Pinterest Pile Up Project I actually stepped back from my sewing machine and glue and went on a family outing inspired by this pin!

We went to meet some reindeer (and attempt a “holiday photo), gawk at a HUGE camel and enjoy a little early holiday cheer. I have to say as a new mom it makes me super excited to think about starting little nerdy traditions for our family so I am hoping this will be the first of many!

Shop Update

November 7, 2012

stamps on etsy by clever thursday

With the cold Autumn days starting to look more like winter I decided it was time to end my “vacation/maternity leave” from my little Etsy shop and start selling online once again. I am so excited to start mailing out fun packages (with little surprises for customers of course).

Right now there are lots of choices for return address stamps and I have plans to add lots more mail related goodies, poster, art prints and more. So hop on over to my shop, clever thursday, and check it out. If you find something you like use this discount code for being a blog reader (15% off, yay!)… CLEVERBLOG

Happy Etsy shopping!

A Little Notebook | Pinterest Pile Up Project No.6

November 6, 2012

Happy Tuesday! This weekend I decided I needed to get my calendar re-organized and to do this I of course turned to Pinterest for a little inspiration! Back when I bussed to work and had regular breaks and such I had lots of time to stay on top of the calendar in my phone…but now that I am at home for 90% of my day the digital calendar just hasn’t been working for me. I decided it was time to go old school and use pen/paper…and maybe some tape like in this pin. Buying a planner with only 2 months left in the year seemed like a bit of a waste so I made my own!

The whole process was super simple. First I designed the inside real fast and printed them on my home printer. Then I busted out some old chip board and cut a cover a little larger than my half sheet insides and folded it in half. Then I lined up the insides with the cover, clipped them to the cover with binder clips and stapled the spine. After seeing this pin I decided to add washi tape to my spine and edges to make my planner cuter + sturdier. So there it is, a purse sized notebook/planner in less than 30 minutes.

Photo Friday | 11.2.12

November 2, 2012

This week a gift came in the mail for our little one, a little giraffe named Massimo from Italy. Even though the toy made our baby a little wary it made me nostalgic for Italy…so the photo to ring in the weekend is a diptych of venice. Seeing these photos also makes me miss summer a little, ah well…Happy Friday!