Getting back to “normal”

May 1, 2012

Untitled Happy may day Untitled

Today is the first day of a new month and I am feeling super good from sitting in the sun… things around our house are even starting to settle into a normal sort of place. Though having a baby gives “normal” a whole new meaning! The first few weeks, heck the first month, was total crazy times as we tried to figure out the whole parent thing and learned to accept that babies change every single day so going with the flow is a must. I am happy to report that every now and then I find a little time to craft while she naps and of course thanks to the amazingness that is my iPhone I can browse for inspiration on pinterest while sitting in the sun on my patio with a few easy swipes and clicks. Here are a few things I have marked for the coming months…

A quick eye mask tutorial (I wore out my stash of travel ones that you get free on overseas flights)

Fabric Garland DIY(maybe for the nursery?)

yummy cookies to bake ….mmmm cookies

and some more baking

Also with the start of May I have decided to try the fatmumslim photo a day challenge. It looks like a lot of fun so each day I will post my photos on my tumblr and maybe each week post them here as well, we will see…depends on baby feels like napping at the end of the week or not I guess right? Well thats all I’ve got for now so Happy May Day!

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