Pie Crust Perfection | Pinterest Pile Up Project No.4

October 16, 2012

Pie Crust Secrets | Clever Thursday

Happy Tuesday all! Once again it is time for a Pinterest Pile Up project, woot! After finalizing my holiday plans for the rest of 2012 I realized I needed to browse some holiday inspiration and decide what my focus would be…handmade gift tags, pretty appetizers or…dessert?

I have made pie a few times in my life, but I hate to say it…always with pre-made crust! After receiving a generous helping of homegrown apples I decided it was time to put this pin about pie crust secrets to the test.

The pie turned out pretty darn good according to my taste testers so here are my notes on the 6 “secrets”…

1. (glass pan) Take it or leave it… I only had a ceramic one and it worked fabulous, so I guess go with your gut?

2. (flavorful fat) Right on to this one, I went with butter but I am really thinking of going old school and finding some lard…I hear that really makes one heck of a crust!

3. (everything = cold) If you try only one tip THIS one is the big one in my mind…I never even thought about making my dry ingredients cold, but it makes total sense.

4. (varying your liquid based on environmental conditions) This being my first pie crust from scratch I just followed my recipe but maybe when I am more experienced with pie and humidity I will be brave and try this?

5. (fixing bad stuff) Yes to the water fixing the cracks and I am sure popping it back in the fridge helps but I get all nervy rolling dough and usually forget this handy bit of info.

6. (egg wash) Genius! My pie may not have been perfectly rolled or have an evenly crimped edge but the golden hue from the egg wash helped my oddly shaped pie feel pretty.

I have to say the six pie crust secrets were one of the best things I have pinned in a long time! It felt so wonderfully Autumn to have a fresh apple pie cooling in our kitchen while the rain beat against our windows. I even feel a little prepared for the holiday season now!

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