Style Cure: Day 3 (The Before Photos)

August 5, 2013


The style cure continues! Oh “before’ photos you are SO SCARY to post. But it is useful because sometimes my eyes just learn to gloss over hot messes that I see everyday. Today for the cure the assignment is to pick your room (in my case our den/playroom/office) and take before photos while contemplating the changes you want to make.


As you can see there is LOTS of room for improvement in this space. It doesn’t always look this bad (thanks to our recent garage sale it is filled with empty boxes & things waiting to head to goodwill) but it DOES always look this boring (thanks beige paint).


This room is a bit of a challenger since 3 out of 4 walls have doors (two walls have two doors on each!) and it has to function as a play area, work area for my etsy shop production & “walk through” to our backyard. Here is my to do list…

  • move ‘captain ugly chair’ (that is what I call that green chair buried on backpacks) to a different room
  • remove random junk explosion from yard sale day
  • create a ‘play area’ between the door to the office closet & bathroom (small desk, etc.)
  • create storage on wall above play area (shelves?)
  • create a nice storage spot for small outside toys
  • create storage for shoes
  • swap small rug with something bigger in front of sliding door
  • organize bookcase & make storage on it more coordinated
  • create a gallery wall behind the couch
  • cute pillows for the couch + a nice throw blanket
  • find a fun tray + coasters for ottoman
  • better lighting (table lamp or floor lamp)
  • remove watercolor paintings (hang in living room)
  • organize the “office” closet so it is functional again
  • remove any books that aren’t used in the den/office (to living room bookcase)


Phew! That feels like quite a list. Time to get crackin!

2 thoughts on “Style Cure: Day 3 (The Before Photos)

  1. May

    I know just what you mean about how your eyes learn to overlook the messes we see everyday. This cure is just what I needed to take an honest look around the place. And oh, my! Then I had to check the calendar to see how many days are there in August? Not sure there are enough for me to get my mess in hand!

  2. ida

    Can’t wait to see your progress! You’ve got a lot of work to do(so do I with my kitchen) so it’s probably gonna be a huge transformation!


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