Scrap Fabric Garland Tutorial

February 27, 2014


I love any project that helps lighten my scrap fabric box. So this DIY scrap fabric garland made me especially happy! I made it as a decoration for my little one’s recent birthday but it also makes wonderful nursery decor. After the party was over I hung it above her dresser & now it is adding a fun splash of color to her previously blank wall. I was inspired by this garland, but I changed up the length & density of fabric a bit. I made my own scrap fabric garland tutorial below if you want to make your own like mine.

Scrap Fabric Garland Tutorial


  1. Measure a length of sturdy ribbon.
  2. Tie loops on each end of the ribbon.
  3. Cut your fabric into 3″ strips of varying lengths between 14″ & 18″.
  4. Fold your fabric strips in half (so they are now 3″ x 9″).
  5. Cut your fringe on each fabric strip by cutting from the bottom (where the fabric is open) & stopping an inch or two from the top (where the fabric is folded)
  6. Place your fabric behind the ribbon you cut earlier. Make a loop with the top of your fabric strip and pull the two fringe sides through it keeping your ribbon in the middle.
  7. Repeat until you have a long, awesome fabric garland.


I tried both having my ribbon on the ground and hanging up while I tied on the fabric. Having it hanging was easier while I worked so you might want to start that way too. I hope you have fun making some adorable decor using my scrap fabric garland tutorial! If you have any questions leave a comment or a link to your own scrap fabric garland if you make one.


8 thoughts on “Scrap Fabric Garland Tutorial

  1. Heidi

    Hey…I could use all those leftover, lonely socks. Just kidding. This is an adorable project, though! You could do purples in Lent, spring colors, Fourth of July colors, etc. Wow.

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    1. karisa Post author

      That is a really good question… I used scraps I had on hand rather than cutting down yardage so I really couldn’t even guess at a good answer.

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  5. Karen Moran

    Love, love, LOVE this! Was looking for some sort of fun tassel garland for the side of my new vintage camper. The paper garland was a royal pain to cut – this though – I can totally do it. Thanks!!


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