Quick Craft: Rock Dominoes

February 24, 2014

rock_domino (1 of 2)

Today is a crazy rainy day so a nice quiet game of dominoes and tea sounds really good…yeah after a busy week/weekend I feel like being an old lady today. Haha!

This is a project that is so easy it almost isn’t really a project. All you need are 28 smooth flat rocks (gathering these is the part that actually takes some time) and a white paint pen.


All you need to do is gather your rocks, & paint them like dominoes. Since I didn’t want to mess up and skip a domino I laid my rocks out like in this diagram before I painted them.

rock_domino (2 of 2)

That is it, super easy! This project was sitting in my bag of projects to get to someday since summer! Why it sat for so long I have no idea, since it literally took me 5 minutes!?

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