Happy Final Friday of 2011!

December 30, 2011

Homage to the square in a 'crate' Back of homage to the square - SAM SAM Gilded pig - SAM

It is crazy to think this is the last Friday of 2011! Like usual for me 2011 started slow and steady and then suddenly 3/4 of the year were done in the blink of an eye. I decided to look through my calendar and jot down some of my favorite moments and 2011 highlights for the year too, in 2011 I…

  • Had my final show for my photography certificate
  • Visited to Tokyo, Kamakura, Kyoto & Nara in Japan with the husband
  • Bought my first ever “smart phone” (yay iPhone)
  • Watched the royal wedding with my good friends while eating yummy “british” snacks
  • Celebrated my nieces FIRST birthday (and made her some very cute felt bunting)
  • Went to the opening night of the SIFF
  • Found out my hubby & I would be expanding our family
  • Celebrated my 27th birthday
  • Hosted our first ever garage sale at our home
  • Went to 2 weddings, 3 house warming parties and 2 going away parties
  • Celebrated my first wedding anniversary with the hubby
  • Took a mini road trip
  • Celebrated the husbands 30th birthday in Hawaii
  • Went to more than 10 doctors appointments (this is probably the most in a year since the year I was born!)
  • Paid off one of our cars
  • Had 3 family Christmases this year (which is a record for us)

  • So that is my 2011 in a tiny little list… of course in between most of these awesome happenings were the usual suspects…work, riding the bus, eating, naps, etc. so it’s not all glamour 24/7 in the rainy city, but overall a VERY good year!

    PS The photos are from my trip to the art museum yesterday, nothing was more entrancing than getting to see the back of Alber’s “Homage to the Square”. It was a rare treat to see all the fun little notes on the back so I just had to include those photos and a few others I snapped while wandering through the galleries on my lunch break.

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