DIY Washi Tape Art

June 12, 2012

DIY Silhouette Washi Tape Art How To by Clever Thursday

Now that our little one is almost four months old I have been thinking I better finish decorating her nursery before she turns into a toddler. So this weekend I pulled out my washi tape and a few random frames I had sitting around and created two cute little washi tape deer for the nursery. This DIY art is super simple and if you are like me you probably have two thirds of the materials needed in your home already.

Washi tape
2 frames (I used the clips ikea frames)
White cardstock paper (cut to fit your frames)
Decorative paper (cut to fit your frames)
X-acto knife
A pencil
Scissors (optional)

DIY Washi Tape Art

1. Trace the reverse of your silhouette of choice onto the white cardstock

2. Flip your cardstock over so the pencil side is down

DIY Washi Tape Art

3. Lay your tape across the paper to make your pattern (be sure to cover the entire paper and let the extra hang over the edge)

4. Flip the paper over and use your x-acto to trim the extra tape from the edges so the tape is flush to the edge of the paper

DIY Washi Tape Art

5. Trim out your silhouette following the pencil tracing you made earlier

6. Admire your awesome cutting skills

7. Layer the cardstock over the decorative paper (optional: secure with a little glue to keep from shifting in frames)

8. Place in the frames and enjoy!

DIY Washi Tape Art

If you are using glass frames with no border, like mine, you can add a washi tape border by placing a strip of tape along each edge of the glass and folding it over at the ends. Super simple but I really loved that it made the frames look less “off the shelf”.

DIY Washi Tape Art

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