Big Girl Blanket Research

January 30, 2014

quilt how to's | clever thursday

I sort of feel like all I am posting about is kid stuff, lately…birthday plans, invitation design, art…but post holidays is always a mad scramble to get everything ready for little one’s birthday so here I am, a woman possessed by everything tiny and adorable.

Over the last two years I have been taking weekly (year one) and monthly (year two) photos of the little one so I have lots of fabric that I used for photo backgrounds waiting for a good project and this is that project! I promised little one a big girl blanket, so I have been looking around for tutorials and ideas. I am thinking something simple like a strip quilt but I plan to freestyle it a bit (like sherry from young house love) since this will be my first blanket attempt. I am thinking prudent baby’s cheater binding will be a good way to finish off the blanket. Wish me luck!

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